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Welcome to the MA Ceramics graduate show.  The University of Central Lancashire MA Ceramics course is rooted in practice. The fundamental philosophy of the course is to provide the opportunity for students to explore and realise their individual creative aspirations and potential – providing a framework for students to develop skills necessary for a career in professional practice.

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020 impacted heavily on our way of life in every aspect, and those studying for their Masters of Ceramics here were no exception. Despite various lockdowns and interruptions to their course, these students have demonstrated their determination, resilience and above all, their dedication and passion for their subject.

The show consists of a range of ceramic works ranging from minimalist sculptural objects through to colourful decorative vessels.  This exhibition encompasses a diversity of themes and approaches that have underpinned the students individual research projects and it truly showcases the possibilities that ceramics as a medium can provide.

Patricia Ramsden's portfolio
Patricia Ramsden
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Johanna Storm Rusu's portfolio
Johanna Storm Rusu
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Rachelle Blondel's portfolio
Rachelle Blondel
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Stephanie Matthews's portfolio
Stephanie Matthews
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Mary Morgan's portfolio
Mary Morgan
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Ann Capewell's portfolio
Ann Capewell
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