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This year’s MA students have battled against unprecedented conditions to create some fabulous work.  We are really proud of them and the films they have produced.  Covid-19 has proved to be a challenge and MA Animation has met it head on by teaching online.  The MA Animation students have had to learn to adjust to changing circumstances and have done so with aptitude.    Instead of visiting  animation festivals we streamed the films online, and instead of our much celebrated ‘cJAM’ careers day where we invite students to pitch their ideas and work to animation companies,  with the view of gaining an internship, we streamed this online.  This practice mirrors industry as most animation studios have had to work online directing animators and voice artists virtually and Jessica Pritchard has already landed herself some work with Manchester-based animation studio Kilogramme.  A HUGE congratulations to this year’s graduate animation students and click here to see the work.

Mario Kkounnous's portfolio
Mario Kkounnous
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Jessie Pritchard's portfolio
Jessie Pritchard
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Marcus Rodriguez's portfolio
Marcus Rodriguez
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