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Welcome to the 2021 degree show for the BA (Hons) Film Production course.┬áThis year has been a difficult time for everyone and particularly for people in the film world. Productions have been closed down, actors and locations unavailable and cinemas closed. Yet at the same time the general public’s consumption of films, through streaming services, has skyrocketed and somehow kept us all sane. It is at times like these when we realise how much we need films to allow us to connect and to provide a hour or two of escapism.

Our students, this year, have met all of the difficulties thrown at them with incredible perseverance and great creativity. They have been agile and thought on their feet, changing direction when needed and compromising if their films required it. They have collaborated well both within their cohort and outside with the wider community. This has resulted in a selection of excellent films, that for the most part belie the locked down circumstances of their production.

And, they managed to complete a feature film during the pandemic too!

So please take the time to look through the samples of their films and join me in wishing them luck in their future careers. If they can get through this then they will be able to achieve anything.

Aidan Markland-Read's portfolio
Aidan Markland-Read
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Rhys Ellis Wilde
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Bradley Yorke
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