Dance Performance & Teaching, BA (Hons)

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We proudly introduce you to our third-year graduating student cohort. Click here to watch Invisible Edges, their final performance as UCLan Dance Company members, created under the direction of external dance artist Elisa Macauley.

The BA (Hons) Dance Performance and Teaching course focuses on nurturing our students’ skills as performers, dance makers and facilitators, preparing them for life as independent dance artists. For their final project each student worked individually on structuring, facilitating and choreographing a dance project or event.  More information can be found on each individual student profile.

Goran George Kellett's portfolio
Goran George Kellett
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Nicola Johnstone's portfolio
Nicola Johnstone
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Kelsey Wiggins's portfolio
Kelsey Wiggins
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Emily Knowles's portfolio
Emily Knowles
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Julia Wight's portfolio
Julia Wight
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Lydia Foxley's portfolio
Lydia Foxley
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Chloe Nicole Southworth's portfolio
Chloe Nicole Southworth
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