Rebecca McIlroy

Photography, BA (Hons)

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About me

Throughout my time at UCLan, I have continued developing my own business. Shooting weddings, automotive and commercial work along with personal narrative projects. I’ve had the opportunity to represent the university and my course at various events working as a student ambassador. I have also developed my automotive online presence as @thegirlwiththeoldcar. I’ve also had opportunities to take promotional images at UCLan’s CJam, networking event.

‘In Her Eyes’ is a personal, collaborative project which explores my visual interpretation of the symptoms and side effects of a teenage girl, living with Asperger’s. Asperger’s syndrome is an autism spectrum disorder which is identified by decreased capabilities in social interaction and nonverbal communications. It's often hard to diagnose, especially in girls. ‘In Her Eyes’ is a series of photographs documented from an outsider’s point of view. After interacting with my sister and understanding her struggles, I have interpreted these visually through a range of self-portraits, accompanied by her thoughts.


  • Enterprise Award

Keywords: autism, autism spectrum, northern irish photographer, northern ireland, documentary photographer, conceptual, storytelling, narrative, awareness