Mia Callaghan

Photography, BA (Hons)

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About me

Since I first picked up a camera as a child I have always loved using my creativity to make images. As I have grown as a person so has my interest in photography.

Which ultimately lead me to dedicate time perusing my craft at university, becoming more diverse with my work developing my own styles, concepts and processes at UCLan on the BA Photography course. I also plan to continue my studies onto the MA Photography course after I graduate.

In my time at UCLan I have learnt the depth of photography and fell in love with this medium of art even more. I find myself drawn to abstract imagery, along with creating images that tells a story or requires each individuals interpretation of my work.

Through UCLan I have already began to build my network through receiving placements with professional photographers, to which I have learnt a lot from.

Throughout my project I have explored the concept of masculinity and femininity, inspired by Carl Jung’s beliefs. Jung stated that a male’s soul is inherently feminine, whereas a female’s soul is inherently masculine. I was fascinated by trying to capture the idea of a harmonious binary of the opposing tropes through an artistic perspective. I wanted to create different shapes through how the subjects filled the frame, to capture the concept of fluidity. I made each design of water unique to how I believe the subject presents themselves, the water representing the fluidity through each of their own individual identity.

Keywords: Abstract, Abstract Portrait, Portraiture, 2021 Photography Graduate, Photography BA