Ivor Hrast

Interior Design, BA (Hons)

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About me

Hello and welcome to my online Degree Show!

I am an interior designer experienced in working on briefs varying from residential, commercial and brand installation designs to detailed construction projects providing satisfying results. I can easily portray and present the ideas on spot demonstrating differing skills and techniques with a knowledge of furniture fittings and construction. Capable of bringing creative forward thinking ideas and designs into the industry by engaging with projects from their concept through detail design completion. Most of my work highlights the importance of healing through experiencing design.

Through studies I gained a lot of knowledge and further developed my passion for design by exchanging experiences and valuable skills with fellow class students. I have been nominated for a Degree Show Award because of my engagement in projects throughout the years of studying as well as because of the supportive approach towards other students in the class.

Ameliorate is a place for mind, a place for society. It is a place where creativity thrives and flows amongst people, where the design elements and activities held within the space subconciously help clear individuals mind. The space seeks inspiration in accumulated rainwater, which is something where many find it hard to discover one. But as rainwater and puddles tend to shape and shift landscapes providing a completely new perspective on viewing things in the reflections, it can also become a medium that can influence conciousness through its usage in art forms and sound making, therefore becoming something quite inspiring.


  • Enterprise Award
  • Society and Sustainability Award

A sectional visual of a CAD drawing gives a better sense of used materials and the amphitheatre structure of the site. This visual also suggests that the location of the site is in the woods.

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The outdoor area provides relaxation. Interaction with the site and accumulated rain is accomplished through the art and soundmaking. Fluid motion canopy protects visitors to enjoy the reflections found within water-centric which harvests rainwater.

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An enclosed wheelchair accessible suminagashi or so called painting on water workshop using rain harvested water helps one to discover their creative flow again whilst utilising this relaxing and soothing art form.

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Suminagashi workshop has bespoke stations specifically designed to create on rainwater. Inspiration for design of individual stations was drawn from the shape of rain puddles. Motion sensor lighting makes the space appear as constantly flowing.

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An ever-changing gallery is designed with the idea of having a flow of inspirational suminagashi art at constant times. The drying racks and lighting are inspired by rain leaking through the ceiling of the structure.

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This project was to redesign the Moor Park Pavilion. Considering the envelope of the building, the idea is for it to be reflective and to blend with the environment. Aluminium cladding provides the desired effect.

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This space is envisioned as a bookable indoor cycling area for kids. It would also be a socializing space for people of all age groups. Essentialy it is a fun and relaxing place to enjoy.

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The proposed design of gender-neutral changing facility accommodates enough lockers for both cycling and football community to use at the same time. The Pavilion has an industrial feel to it and is using existing materials.

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Keywords: Passionate, Positive, Creative, Innovative, Detail oriented, Sociable, Simple, Airy spacious, Fluid, Mindfull, Therapeutic, Meditative, Climate, Rain