Dingyan Zhang

Interior Design, BA (Hons)

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About me

I am an interior designer that studied at UCLan and have become proficient in using software to express my work through design and experimentation.

During my time at university I have worked on large and small design projects, both independently and as part of a team. In teamwork projects, I have won awards for my designs both collaboratively and on an independently working. In individual projects, I have the ability to create and design with my own vision and I am also able to analyse the needs of others in order to produce a complete design.

My university experience has taught me the basic concepts of design, so even in the face of the unknown future, I am extremely enthusiastic and motivated to work in interior design and to gain practical design experience.

The railway arch, which the project is based on, has been living alongside nature for a long time. It is like an oasis in the city that has been naturally nurtured and gives a feeling of relaxation. Based on this impression, I intend to transform the site into a 'two-in-one' place in the city. In particular, the focus is on providing an interactive space for people to escape from the city, where they can relax, feel nature and have fun. Colourful lights light up the surroundings in the dark, while preserving the existing nature-friendly atmosphere as much as possible.

Keywords: Entertainment, nature, Escape space, rebuild, community