Daruisz Kowlaczyk

Master of Interior Design

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About me

I am an Interior Designer passionate about Architecture, Interior, and Product Design. I have experience in a commercial interior design, product design development, digital printing, and fine art. My focus is on Hospitality and Commercial Interior Design.

This project aims to propose a work environment that addresses the challenges of digitized, sedentary work culture. It investigates not only how to increase productivity but also how to improve workers’ wellbeing and motivation. The main area of study is the human connection to nature. Through the implementation of biophilic design principles, the design seeks evidence of natural environment benefits greater than purely aesthetic. The project also seeks an alternative to urban-built megastructures promoting local working in remote offices that are sustainable, cost-effective, healthy, and inspiring.

The Frame - Exterior

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The Frame - Restaurant and Office

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The Frame - Social Area

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The Frame - Open Office

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THE FRAME - Biophilic Remote Office

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Keywords: interior, office, design, biophilic design, sustainability, commercial interior design, hospitality interior design