Claudia Short

Master of Games Design


About me

Before starting her Masters Claudia worked as a freelance illustrator creating charming 2D art of woodland animals in a victorian-esque setting.

By wanting to bring the style and themes of her art into games through concept art Claudia has learned how to identify different stages of the concept art process as key fundamentals of concept art.

One of these fundamentals, which she has established as the driving force of her second and third semester is the importance of compiling in depth research on culturally significant characteristics so her art has meaning and can communicate that meaning simply in the design alone – characteristics such as folk tales, folklore creatures, cultural traditional clothing, cultural holidays, locations, flora, fauna, time periods and architecture.

Through her studies on this course Claudia wants to establish herself as a specialised 2D concept artist and has used this current project to show her specialism in practice.

The start of the project was researching how concept art was made; this has a hand in how Claudia should approach her own concept art pipeline with questions like ‘what do I value in my concept art?’, ‘ how do I create a pipeline that accommodates my art style?’ and ‘what sort of concept artist do I want to be?’. In her studies she found a recurrence in folk tales and fairy tales as inspiration for concepts and so in her own work she used this as influence for creating concept art for a game based on goblin folk tales.

Keywords: Games Design, Concept Art, Concept Art Pipeline, Folk Tales, Fairy Tales, Folklore, Goblins, Hobgoblin, Yorkshire Folklore, Charming, 2D Art