Amber Williams

Fine Art, BA (Hons)


About me

I am an abstract painter who experiments with photographic compositions. I am interested in using domestic items and furniture to explore notions of togetherness and social networks in the context of lockdown and the pandemic. For my degree show, I have painted everyday domestic items in a dream-like pastel palette.

My practice explores photography installation and fine art photography which I have reduced down into individual photographs of dreamlike snapshots, the installations which are being photographed are created by me from throughout my years at University always trying to find a place within my work where I feel comfortable. From the beginning of the project my experimentations have included abstract colour painting on paper and unstretched canvas which I then draped over objects which then lead to the start of the dreamscape idea, the domestic objects are unusual and are masked with a layer of pastel coloured paint.

Keywords: photography, abstract, installation, acetatesheets, fineart