Ace Santiago

Architecture, BSc (Hons)


About me

A Philippine-born architecture student raised in the ever growing city of Manchester, and influenced by various styles found from travelling around Europe. Skilled in both digital and traditional art, coming from both a graphic design and an art and design background. Outside of architecture, interests include: photography, volleyball and technology.

The most recent project worked on is the Made In Blackpool Brief; which intends to rejuvenate the seaside town through community focused souvenir making.

Planning to continue on with MArch, after a year out doing a Part 1 Placement. Currently seeking Part 1 opportunities after graduating.

Project 1: Temple of Antithesis A project in which the the attack of the senses that Blackpool has, is turned around and made into something that heals the senses. Project 2: Made in Blackpool A project that revolves around promoting localism through a sustainable and community focused souvenir production facility.

Keywords: architecture, riba, riba part 1, undergraduate