Gurjee Amina

Master of Interior Design

About me

I’m Amina Gurjee,

An interior designer from Preston, I am currently working as a kitchen designer at Nicholas Anthony – SieMatic (London). Creating and Designing the heart of the home for 1 Year + 7 Months.

I studied both Foundation Art – 3D and BA in Interior Design at UCLan from this I became Proficient in AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop- InDesign – Illustrator, Sketch Up, Fusion and gained a degree in Interior Design.

I have a profound passion for design and an eye for detail in myself which transfers through to my work with a huge level of curiosity, my inquisitiveness allows me to explore the full depths of design from a peculiar angle.

I enjoy a good cup of tea, literature, architecture, music.. all things art.

β€œTo create, one must first question everything.” – Eileen Gray

A study of astronomical practices, celestial lore, mythologies, religions and world views of cultures that Megalithic structures hold. An insight into the interpretation of practices and knowledge that ancient cultures had of the stars and world above. Cultivating and investigating the sky, creating the foundation of what we know as time and space. Structures that are astronomically aligned, I have created a personal journal of myself and structures that are symbolic of those interacting with the space. A space that is stumbled upon with an ethereal feel. which will create a change of authorship and become important to each individual.

Megaliths Through Archway

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Zodiac Circle

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Constellation Aligned Structures

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Keywords: interiordesign